Saturday, April 14, 2007

Transitions: Why?

When is the right time to move on? Rather, what is the optimum time for a stay, or tenure? Some say, it should be somewhere near the industry average: you’ve to keep pace with the industry to feel “happening”. Another popular notion simply states, there’s no such concept as the “optimum tenure”. They feel one can stay as much as one feels comfortable with his/her work and/or working conditions: simply stay put till you find a serious situation contradictory to your norms of a comfortable working atmosphere.

Of late, I’ve been reading some articles published by management consultants of note. There were quite some comments for chief executives and incumbents for the top position. The motto of a corporate chieftain should be to instill change. This comment was parallel to something one of my mentors told me sometime in 2002: “You have to make an impact wherever you go.” After a second serious thought on the matter, I feel that infusing change is the basis of existence of every executive, no matter whatever his position is.

It becomes inevitable for a leader to bring change owing to some reasons. First, it is necessary for every leader to show the impact of his presence in the position, after a short period of his joining. It therefore, reinstates the spirit of new-ness: new leader, new style. Second, since every new executive brings in his/her own set of thoughts and beliefs (the essence of individuality), and the most visible of these individualities would, undoubtedly, be that of the leader himself. It therefore, becomes necessary for the leader to project his individuality. In addition, independent thinking and vision is something that differentiates a leader from others.