Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ode to the New Linea Ad

The other day I was watching the ad of Fiat Linea with the punchline "Admiration guaranteed." On the first look, I too fell for the car. For people like me, automobiles are object d'art, as much as they are machines. So of course, the first response goes to the good looks. But the story doesn't end there. There is much more to a car than just the looks. I admit the fact that the Linea ad could have been much better. I was pondering over the comments of Brijesh in the Mint blog recently. I feel that since the product in question is an automobile, and since we hear thousands of questions being posed at almost every automobile reviewer in auto shows aired by different TV channels, the word "admiration" should comprise of much more meaning than just meagre good looks. Additional features like mileage, cruise control, making way on difficult conditions, whichever could be the USP, the brand manager could have cashed in more on these features. I've heard good things about the Linea from some automobile review sites in the Web. So there is no doubt that the product might have a good stand among its competitors. Though I would refrain from making such vociferus comments like Brijesh did, that the ad was a total waste, I feel it would have been a much better ad. In its present form, yes, the campaign is nice and simple to watch, but misses out to convey the message which is critical for advertisement campaigns as opposed to entertainer movies.