Thursday, June 17, 2010

On good bosses

Today morning I was reading the follow-up to "12 Things Good Bosses Believe" by Robert Sutton in HBR blogs. He points out how big bosses not just keep their "big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs)" known to everyone in the team, but also break them down to objectives for daily activities that gradually aggregate to reach the organizational goal. While I was reading his blog, a recent commercial by a low-cost airline flashed in my mind.

This commercial was about the airline providing its services on time and thereby aiming to do wonders. I felt amused at first. I still think if I'm the only one who didn't have a good experience with this company. Most if not all the flights I had with this particular airline was late, though only one did keep me waiting too much. However my focus right now is on this particular commercial on air and not their commitment to deliver their promises. I found this commercial really interesting, not as a television campaign explaining bored housewives how the airline is helping India become a developed economy tomorrow, but rather as an internal motivation tool for the airline's employees on how they can actually make this transformation happen.

This typical 15 second commercial has the listed all key elements that require the airline to deliver its services on time. This campaign would be designed by a team with a good boss, I'm sure. Also if the airline enhances its internal processes with the same spirit imbibed in this campaign, there is hardly any stopping them. However, what I'm not sure is how much emphasis the airline has on delivering "on time" services: whether it is a strategic objective for the next few years, or a mission statement that draws its roots on the everyday aspects of the carrier at large.