Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thinking Beyond Lok Pal


On the 15 of August 2011, the Prime Minister was addressing the nation from the Red Fort as is the tradition during the Independence Day celebrations. As usual the PM addressed several issues that are of concern to the nation while also highlighting the measures his government has already taken or are planning to take and spelled out some figures to indicate the results. The fear of public support and popularity for activists like Anna Hazare who has announced indefinite fast to make the Lok Pal, the much hyped Anti-Corruption Authority more powerful, was also pronounced in this year’s Independence Day speech.

 While I agree with the PM in his statement that the government does not have a “magic wand” that can make all corruption vanish in a moment, I also feel that there should be some measures to check not just corruption, but the implementation of various schemes initiated by the government. I would like to take up issues one by one and gradually suggest fundamental changes in the way we look at governance, in a series of entries under the section “On Governance.”